ROMER Stake-pool, a stake pool run from Amsterdam

Hej, I’m Roemer, Stake-pool operator of ROMER Stake-pool. I’ve been a big fan of the Cardano project and everything around it since 2017, and I’ve been following the progress and development closely. I’m planning on sharing all the information I have on the project with everyone through this website shortly. Apart from Information on ROMER Stake-pool you’ll find info here on Cardano, project Catalyst, Atala, Shelley, Goguen, Hydra, Blockchain-tech in general, different kinds of wallets, projects in Africa, Dapps, staking, useful links, A FAQ and more

ROMER Stake-pool has been live since January 3rd 2021, and minted her first block on January 27th 2021

ROMER Stake-pool is run from home, (and always will be to ensure De-cenralisation), and is running on multiple energy-efficient Intel Nuc mini pc’s to cut the use of power and so damage done to the environment

ROMER stake-pool will always have the minimum “costs” (340 ADA per epoch at the moment), And will always have a margin of 1%

Welcome to ROMER stake-pool and happy staking!